Hey Guys! Today we have an amazing guest blogger Pallavi (IG- @kalaavi_by_pallavi) onboard. She is an artist, and sharing some amazing art tips. Let’s have a look at what she has in store for us, below!

If we’d look around ourselves today, we can evidently say that the number of people evolving as artists is way more than earlier times. Yes, undoubtedly the credit goes to the various social media platforms that allow not only easy flow of ideas but also ability to share our artwork across the globe.

Today I’m gonna share certain art tips that might answer few of the questions that every blooming artist deals with every now and then.

art inspiration

How can we make sure that our

 artwork is different from the already done so many art pieces out there?

How to connect to the audience?

How to ensure that not just the artists but even a non-artist falls in love with your artwork?

These are few of the tips that might help you stay creative and at the same time stay connected!

Planning your future artwork

Now you must be thinking “planning” is easy to say and the most difficult thing to do. But my dear friends, in just a minute, I can change this perception of yours! Remember those school days? Yes, yes, those most cherished days of our lives! We all miss those beautiful days…. right? Life was so easy and fun loving. Everything was so perfect. Do you know why? Because all of that was planned very well! Yes, it was planned that a kid should join pre-school, then school, then college and so on. Infact each day was planned . We all used to have a time table for each day for school and then tuitions and playing time, wasn’t all that fixed? I am assuming most of you would say yes!! And even if your answer is no, I still would recommend you reading these tips till the end as I’m sure these are gonna help you in some way in staying creative as an artist.

So by now you know all you need to do is plan and yes obviously as you all know “good planning without good working is nothing” ,so you need to follow that plan too!

Now the question is “how to plan?”

You can start a series on some specific topics/themes that interest you- This is one of the easiest way to plan,not just two or five, but a lot of artworks at a stretch. You just need to pick a topic that you find is interesting to work on and is also interesting for your audience in general. To illustrate further , what do I mean by “series”, I’m gonna share few of my works done for various series planned by yours truly.

So I have been a hoarder of all things “charms”. Not charms “the verb” but charms “the noun”. Therefore, I had started a series of various charms that have specific meanings attached to them. And in order to let people know more about them I preplanned the caption in order to describe my art piece. Now the next question for me was how to present the charms? So I decided to merge charms with mandala and here are few of my artworks from the charms series.

mandala art

I still have to add few more charms, and I’m working on them!

I have also worked on Hindu Gods and Godesses, one of my most time demanding series and I’m glad almost all of my artwork from that series is sold out!


If you need more ideas on what series you can start with. Do let me know. I’d love to cover them in my next blog.

Draw what you think

This is one of the many secrets that artists use all the time that makes their artwork thoughtful and different from the rest. As we all know in today’s time, no two people think alike, therefore it’s always a good choice to use this as an opportunity for making your artwork different. Trust me sometimes, concept is way more important then all the beautification process. It might be possible that since you are creating your own art piece, the result won’t be perfect at once, but I can guarantee you’d thank yourself for “being you” in the long run because my dear , “ everyone else is taken already!”Obviously you can always explain your thought process via caption while posting your work. Few of the illustations wherein I’ve merged my thoughts with my arts are here for you.


You can read more about these on my insta page.

Merging various art forms

As we all know, we belong to the era of mashups, remixes and remakes in songs, movies and even dance forms, yes I have seen hip hop style kathak and truly loved it….coming back to art,this concept holds true even for the artist world out there. Before, writing further about this one, I would really like to put out a disclaimer that I nowhere mean that the traditional art form or the artist is not loved anymore. In fact, had there been no original traditional art forms, we would have nothing to merge up either….. right? The only thing I want to bring out here is not everyone can do it the right way. So it’s better to mix and match things and might be the end result would be something that’s never been done by anyone before. And when such an art piece is created, it’s loved by everyone, trust me! I do this a lot with my work, I am feeling proud, infact, to tell you folks that I have finally developed my own style of art ( more on this in a separate post ). I’d love to share few of my artworks where I’ve used this tip.


I hope you found these tips helpful. If you have any further questions or suggestions, you can reach out to me on Instagram @kalaavi_by_pallavi.

About Me?

My name is Pallavi Goyal, and I have always loved to be around colours since I was a child. I rediscovered my solace in art at a low point in my life and since then there’s no going back. I draw mandalas, love playing around with watercolors, acrylics… I have been loving ink art lately too.

Sending loads of creativity your way!

Keep creating! Keep inspiring!

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