Hey Guys! Today we have our guest artist Chaitanya Akula (IG: @akul.art) onboard. He is a mandala and doodle artist sharing his tips for creating mandalas. Let’s have a look below!

Mandalas are circular designs with repetitive simple geometric and creative patterns. In fact, “Mandala” is a Sanskrit word which means “Circle”. Many people consider mandalas as a form of art therapy trying to achieve inner peace while creating detailed mandalas through hundreds of simple patterns. Always take ample time creating a mandala as the whole essence of this process involves patience and to bring out the creative soul inside you.

Tip 1: Have a pattern catalogue

If you are beginner to Mandalas, it is better to draw a few patterns or find a list of mandala patterns (you can find this on google or Instagram posts of many mandala artists) before starting your mandala. This list comes handy once you start the mandala and would want to use new patterns filling the creative shapes you created. In this way, you will never get stuck in between or mess up your mandala creating patterns on the go.

Tip 2: Effective Lines

Always use a same kind of pen across a single pattern or same layer. Consistency and uniformity are important factors in creating good mandalas. Imagine a thin line on half of your mandala for a similar pattern and other half with thick line, this will impact the visual consistency and your mandala might look like a quick job.

Tip 3: Use decent quality materials

You can draw mandalas with any pens on any material. However, pigment ink pens are my favourite because of these two reasons:

  1. They resist the fading effect and your art always looks brand new.
  2. They are waterproof; hence you can always paint or use abstract water colours on your mandalas.

Tip 4: Always maintain structural balance

Maintain proportions in your mandala. Many of us start with exact proportions in the centre but eventually get lost while going to the top layers. This happens mostly when you are drawing a free-hand mandala without using a ruler. You can either use a ruler or mark rough proportions with a pencil before starting your mandala. This will help maintain the structural integrity of the whole piece and your mandala will look close to perfect.

Tip 5: Be calm and composed

Remember, the mandala you are drawing is for you but not for anyone else. So, do not hurry up in finishing your mandala. Take it slow. You need to keep your mind calm, peaceful and focussed.

Pro Tip 1: Use complicated patterns:

To game up, you can always use more complicated patterns inside the mandalas to make it more detailed. In a mandala, detailing always earns you an extra pair of eyes to look at. The more the detailing, the more eye-catching it is.

Pro Tip 2: Combine different forms of art with Mandalas:

You can also combine different forms of art like doodling, landscapes, portraits etc. inside a mandala to make it unique and modify it according to your style. For me, it is bringing two artforms together for a party. Most of the theme based mandala challenges use this form of art.

Favorite Art Supplies Brands

For my mandalas, I generally use Sakura Micron Pens set, Unipin 0.05 fine liners and Sakura Gelly roll white pens. These have pigment ink and are very accurate when it comes to detailing. The Artline Drawing System pens also do a great job, I use these too sometimes.

For colouring, I use Staedtler Double-ended water colour Brush Pens along with normal brushes to bring out the gradients in colours.

About the author- Chaitanya Akula IG: @akul.art

In his words, he sees himself as an “observer and a creator”. He works with different types of artforms like Mandalas, Doodles, 3D sketches, Portraits etc. As he loves getting lost in the world of different artforms, the artist says he is still in search of his niche. He works as a consultant and lives in India.


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