Either there are women or men, hormones control whole body system. But when that got imbalanced, then entire system of human body can be dysfunction. By doing some changes in your lifestyle, we can control this hormonal imbalance.

In our body there our 230 types of hormones exist. Hormonal imbalance can be a reason behind your fat and diabetes too. There are some other issues also which are caused by hormonal imbalance, e.g. facial hairs, irregular periods etc.

If there is a problem, we always have a solution, so for hormonal imbalance there are some solutions and precautions as well.


Protein Diet & Water

Protein diet and drinking more water will fight with hormonal imbalance, eat green vegetables, beans and garlic.


Omega -3 & Coconut Oil

Eat Omega-3 fatty acids e.g. fish, coconut oil, water, take dry fruits in a good quantity.



Hormonal imbalance can cause irregular periods or dysfunctional periods. In future it can cause problem in pregnancy, so if you have this problem then you should go and consult with a specialized doctor.


During periods, eat less salt, don’t stress yourself and do use castor oil, also keep your routine balanced. Eat homemade food and do some light exercises daily.

Hormones can affect body metabolism and immune system directly. Ayurveda also has solution for hormonal imbalance. Panchkul, Trikut, Arogya vardhani can be effective. Shatavari and ashwagandha also are good medicine for hormonal imbalance.


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