Your tooth is paining, you can say to everyone, but if your heart breaks then it is difficult to say to anyone. Because we learn from surrounding world, that if you get hurt then keep it up to you…. No matter how bad you are feeling.

In a world organization survey in 2015, this is said that more than 5 crore Indians are suffering from depression , and  approx. 3 crore are fighting from anxiety disorder.


Depression is just a Feeling

When a person is in depression, he feels like happiness is getting over from his or her life. One can even think of ending their life. Because they are in that much pain, that they can’t think or react positively. Ending lives is not the solution but during depression this is the most great thing they think of.

Sometimes it’s a thing that is never ending. But the person who is suffering from the same, only he can get out of it and it needs not to be hide, because its not wrong. It’s a feeling that needs to show.


It needs to be shown !

People who are suffering from this disorder, like to bound themselves at a place or in the darkness, they put a normal face in front of others, at the same time they are struggling inside but this is more harmful, rather saying it, is more relaxing for that person. Sometimes may be people will not understand but some will, for sure, and they will give you the courage you need to get out of depression.

It just a feeling, in which the person needs your help, your positive energy, your care so one can found himself normal and can accept himself as he or she is. Make them believe that they can say anything, they can share everything! They should not try to show them as unreal or complete, but they can show them Real and Hurt… what they really are.   


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