Urgent need of air purifiers

The gruesome increase in air pollution is hitting everyone hard and all of us are looking for options that can save us from inhaling poor quality air. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), an estimation of 7 million people die annually due to air pollution-related health complications. On a daily basis, 9 out of 10 people in the world breathe contaminated air.

There are many products available in the market to help us breathe better quality of air like indoor air purifiers, air pollution masks, and newly launched personal air purifier. Air purifier for homes and offices are effective but none of us can stay at home all day. Therefore, we are limited to only two options when we are to protect ourselves from contaminated air outside- air pollution mask and personal air purifier. Although their main function is to protect us from inhaling poor quality and allow us to breathe cleaner and healthier air, they both differ in their functionality, performance, and durability.

Air Pollution masks- A friend in need

Air pollution mask is a respiratory filter than is worn over nose and mouth. It traps impurities and prevents the inhalation of pollutants. You are able to breathe easy and protect yourself from respiratory problems. An air pollution mask is like a safety cover when you step outside that intercepts particulate and gaseous matter before you inhale them. Air pollution mask comes in different strengths, durability, and sizes.

N95 mask and N100 maskAir pollution masks are made of different fabrics like micro-fiber or processed paper. They may have a layer of activated carbon to eliminate gaseous contaminants. These masks may also have stainless steel or plastic girders to give them shape and strength. Simple cloth masks are also available in the market but they offer only marginal protection. They are ineffective against ultra-tiny pollution particles like PM 2.5 that include bacteria, viruses, and spores. Superior air pollution masks like the N95 mask and N100 mask are more effective against PM 2.5. These masks have several layers of filtration that do not allow particulate matter and germs to pass through.

There are different types of air pollution masks like N95, N99 and N100 masks, P95, etc. All of them have different prices, shelf life, and sizes. To choose your perfect mask you first need to research about air quality index of your area and then about all the variety of masks and finally know your size.

Personal air purifier- Your friend forever

personal air purifierAirTamer310, the personal air purifier, has recently launched in India and is extremely user-friendly. It works on advanced ionic technology where a constant stream of negative ions is released by the purifier. These negative ions get attached to pollution particles near you and transfer their change on them. Then the negatively charged particles stick to the positively charged surfaces around and all you breathe is clean air. It creates a 3-feet sphere of healthy air around your head and prevents you from acquiring airborne diseases. It is highly useful for people with pulmonary diseases as it pushes away all kinds of pollutants like cigarette smoke, pollens, viruses, pollution, particles, dust, bacteria, and smog.

The personal air purifier has no filters to change or replace which makes it easy to maintain. You can simply put it on a charge with a provided USB cable and wait till it can be used. The green light indicates that it is cleaning the air around and you can use it for 150+ hours after just a one-time charge.

Unlike air pollution masks which cannot be worn during meetings, presentations or sleep, you can wear every time and everywhere. It has an adjustable strap and can prevent pollutants of any size from entering the body and hence saving your time from the in-depth research. It is light in weight and small in size so you can hardly feel anything. Also, AirTamer allows you to talk freely as it does not cover your mouth like an air pollution mask. It works on silent operation technology and makes absolutely no noise. Its ultra-compact design makes it attractive and easy to wear. Air pollution masks have short to medium shelf life as some of them only last for a few days and a few for a couple of months whereas portable air purifiers have a long shelf life which makes it a one-time investment.

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