1. Be happy

Meaning of being happy means being in a light mood and thinking that all is well, this is the key of being happy. Always carry a smile and do all the things that make you happy.


2. Music

Music is always a healer for any pain or depression, in these kind of situations people have bad impact inside out so the best solution is music, it keeps you happy throughout any circumstances.


3. Learn to say “NO”

This is really weird but if something bothers you then say it a simple ‘No’. Mostly people think too much about other people that may be they would feel bad, but you don’t have to worry about anyone and confidently say “NO”.


4. Regular checkups

Regular health checkups reviews are always give your health and body a boost, you come to know your weaknesses and then you start working on it, or may be regular checkups can help you with your healthiness, so regularly go for checkups and keep yourself happy.


5. Proper Sleep

If you had a bad sleep last night, your next day could be worst, because an improper sleep causes headache, body pain, eye swelling and tiredness so try to take proper sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours, it’s always good for your mind and body and keeps you happy entire next day.


6. Games and Yoga

Morning yoga will keeps you fit and energetic entire day and this gives you an inner relief that makes you happy for the entire day so make yoga a habit for being happy. Playing games with your sibling, friends or family also keeps you fresh and happy.

Do choose these things and make them habit to make happiness a habit. Doing this will not only keeps you happy but increase brain power and gives you the needed energy for an entire day, so be happy, be perky!


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