If your brain works more than your body a day then its obvious that your brain needs power, but sometimes we can’t even do some small calculations because we don’t use our brain even for some small calculations, hence we need to retrain our brain power again. So here’s PerkyTrendz bring some tips to increase your brain power :


1. Calcium and omega foods

omega 3 fatty acids and protien

Eat Calcium Foods, e.g. milk, rice, cheese, seeds etc., fresh fruits and veg & plenty of OMEGA 3 oils found in oily fish). Always eat healthy!


2. Do something new

When you try and experience something ‘new’, that actually make your brain start thinking about particular object or subject.
Don’t get stuck in a rut doing the same old things – the only way to change the structure of your brain is to do something new. This creates new neural pathways, increasing your intelligence level.
You could take a new route to work, try a new recipe for dinner, or even a new form of exercise – mix them up!


3. Kick off calculators and think positive

If you discipline yourself to memorize phone numbers and other important numbers (passport, credit card, insurance, driving license) you will start to see a marked improvement in your memory
Remember back at school when we were taught to use our brains to do simple sums like times tables? It’s incredible how we now rely on devices like smart-phones and laptops to calculate really simple equations.


4. Regular exercise

To increase brain power, your body also should be healthy, do some Fitness high-intensity exercises, strength training, stretching, and core work, that boost your energy and will help your brain work more efficiently.


5. Get enough sleep

When your brain work more than your body then it also needs rest, so get enough sleep in order to make your brain work faster and efficient.


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