There are lots of things now days, that causing wrinkles and skin problems. Pollution is the main reason then nutrition comes in the queue. Some other reasons for wrinkles and other skin problems are stress, dehydration, smoking, ageing, imbalanced lifestyle etc. So PerkyTrends found some homemade solutions for your face wrinkles, you can easily try these at home.


1) Fruits & Vegetables

We use these daily but never eat in a manner, eat healthy fruits that can actually reduce your wrinkles. Take vitamin C and watery fruits and vegetables. Some are watermelon, cucumber, lemon, banana, apple, papaya, and green vegetables.


2) Oils & Vitamin E

Oils gives a proper moisture to your skin and heel the looseness. Take vitamin E diet, before going to bed apply coconut oil on your face. You can also use almond or olive oil.


3) Water

As you know one of the reasons behind your face wrinkles is dehydration. Water is the best source for hydrate your body and skin. Drink at least 3 ltr. of water on the daily basis.


4) Honey & Rose Water

Mostly your body and skin need water to glow, rose water can be a good option for outside. Apply honey and rose water on your face twice a week. Honey helps to moisturize your skin and rose water gives you glowing skin.


5) Sandalwood Powder & Besan

Besan and haldi (sandalwood) is work as scrub for your skin. Mixture of both helps to tighten the skin and gives a glowing skin. Apply this mixture twice a week.


6) Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are good source of minerals and vitamins and help in overall health. Nutmeg, Avocado and almonds are gift for your skin, if consume regularly, you can have a naturally wrinkle free skin.


7) Aloe Vera, Curd & Milk

Use these three things for shiny skin tone. If you use these ingredients, your skin would be healthy, try at least for three weeks, 2 times a week for a better result. Curd and milk can be consumed directly and Aloe Vera gel can be applied on the face.

These things don’t have any side effects until you have allergy with any of the above ingredients. You can easily find all of those at home.

More than these things you should always prevent your skin from outside pollution and unhealthy things.


You can prevent wrinkles by doing some small things like :

Always apply a sunscreen lotion with more SPF.

Always pack your face before leaving home.

Apply a light moisturizer on your skin.

Get at least 8 to 9 hours sleep.

Try to worry less.

Eat fresh and healthy.

Make yoga and exercise your routine.

Avoid junk food, and always keep smile on your face. Be perky, be trendy!


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