Most of us want longer beautiful hairs, with ease. We can have long hairs but it takes efforts and some natural ingredients. Our grandparents had all the solutions for hairs and skin but now also have all the solutions for the same.

PerkyTrendz gained some information about these ingredients that how they can help in hair growth. Now we are sharing it with you all who are reading.


1. Coconut Oil

We all know how coconut oil mix with our hairs and get soaked in it. It naturally gives your hair the nourishment it needs for growth. Oiling is important when it comes to hair care, so use coconut oil along with other ingredients.

PS : You can take any basic oil as in Olive or Castor oil.


2. Egg

Second most important thing is Egg. Egg is a good source of protein, which is regularly needed by hairs. Take a whole egg and mix it with already taken coconut oil. Now you have protein and vitamin E which are very important for hair care whether it is growth or hair fall.


3. Aloe Vera

Now you need one special ingredient which is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is multipurpose thing for your hair and skin. You can take Aloe Vera gel and mix it with other ingredients. Aloe Vera can smoothen and soften your hairs, it gives natural shine after wash.


4. Honey

Mixing honey means giving your hairs the nourishment. Along with all ingredients it will help your hairs to grow. Coming to the quantity, you can take 1 table spoon of honey. It is useful for dry hairs.

PS : if you have oily or silky hairs already you can skip mixing honey.


5. Lemon

Lemon will give your hair vitamin and cleans them. Pollution is another main reason for dull and unhealthy hairs. Lemon will release the dirt and oil from your hairs and make them look clean and beautiful.


You can mix them all in a container or bowl and apply on your scalp gently. Apply twice a week for a better result. While applying, also massage your scalp for a better blood circulation. Massage will help you to keep your hairs healthier. Be Perky, Be Trendy!


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