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I know 2020 came with a lot of problems. This quarantine period is not the same for all. There is never a right or wrong time for working on your gorgeous skin. Be it your quarantine day or any normal day, your skin deserves to get the best care.

Since I am a makeup lover, I keep making different makeup looks. So I need to take care of my skin. These days sitting at home, and taking care of my skin and health is the best thing for me to do. So stay at home and take the most care of your beautiful skin.

Here I am with some simple tips for your skin:


Daily washing your face removes various impurities and gives your skin a fresh look. If you do not wash your skin daily, then your skin would be covered with a layer of a dead skin that regularly deposits whether you go out or not.

TIP:  Clean your face with salt water with the help of a cotton pad. Or you can use a mild face wash. I use NEUTROGENA DEEP CLEANSING FACE WASH. Otherwise, you also can go with Kaya purifying cleanser, Himalaya neem face wash.


You definitely need to unclog your pores from dirt, oil, dead skin, blackheads, and other impurities so that the new, fresh, and healthy skin flourish. It is a very important step.

TIP: Wet your face and take some coffee powder and sugar, then rub it gently on your skin with fingers. I love the scrub MCaffeine naked & raw coffee scrub, Or you can use Biotique bio papaya tan removal scrub, St. Ives Apricot face scrub, WOW activated charcoal face scrub.

Nourishing Face Mask

The face mask is the perfect skincare treatment for your skin to become fresh from inside. The right face mask can hydrate your skin, remove oils, and help to improve the appearance of your pores at the same time. They’re also great to pull out impurities from inside of pores.


1) Lemon and honey face pack
2) cucumber and sugar face pack,
3) Curd and gram flour face pack
4) Egg and honey face pack.

Or if you want it to be handy then you can use Plum chamomile & white tea glow-getter face pack, Mamaearth C3 face pack, Plum green tea cleaner face pack. I use the Plum green tea one.


The skin is our largest organ in the body, it constantly sheds cells. The daily moisturization helps your skin to repair itself constantly. It helps to reduce the likeliness of skin problems. It helps to improve damaged skin.

TIP: I use Neutrogena hydra boost water gel, Otherwise you can go for Loreal Hydra fresh, Cetaphil dam daily advance ultra-hydrating lotion, Plum green tea mattifying moisturizer.


My name is ANKITA DAS. My Instagram handle is @_a_n_k_i_t_a_d_a_s . I am 20 years old. If you like this blog, then do follow my IG for more of this.

Write up by: Guest Blogger ANKITA DAS @_a_n_k_i_t_a_d_a_s, a beauty and makeup blogger.


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