Whether it is winter or summer, almost girls have dandruff problem. In winter it is on it’s peek but even in summer some girls have dandruff problem because of many reasons including pollution and our daily routine.

So here PerkyTrendz brought you one of its best solutions for dandruff. This solution is very easy, helpful and natural. Most of our solutions to any problem are natural and easy to get.

Lemon Juice

The first thing you have to bring to your shampoo is Lemon juice. Lemon juice has vitamin C, all knows so that it rescues from dandruff and clean your scalp. Take one whole lemon and cut it half. Now squeeze lemon into your mild shampoo.

You can also rub lemon in your scalp 30 minutes before hair wash, but if you mix lemon juice into your shampoo it will easily mix and sufficient for full scalp. Lemon also release dirt from your scalp so its really helpful for scalp.

Ginger Juice

Lemon is less suitable for rough hair, as its hard on dandruff. Lemon can be hard on rough hairs so preventing rough hairs from harshness we can also add Ginger juice. Ginger juice is very safe and helpful for dandruff, after wash it gives your hairs the nourishment it needs. Ginger soften your hairs and makes them smooth.

Mix these two ingredients in your mild shampoo and see the magic.

Bonus : It also prevent hair fall.

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