Hey Guys!  Today we have our new guest blogger Tanya (IG- @tanyaaxx_) onboard. She is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. Let’s have a look at what she has in store for us, sharing some of her tips below!

Okay, so first day of college is right around the corner for many of you and I understand how confusing it is to decide the perfect outfit to make the first impression because as the saying goes – ‘first impression is the last impression’.

You guys don’t have to worry, as I am here to solve all the fashion related problems that you guys face. So get your beauty sleep before college begins and leave all the fashion related stress to me.

Here are a few outfit ideas for your first day of college to make the right first impression,

1) Raid your boyfriend’s closet

Raid your boyfriend’s closet to steal his t-shirts to get the perfect oversized look. Style the t-shirt with a denim jeans and a pair of chunky sole sneakers and you will be good to go!!

Pic credit IG- @arpitaguptaa

2) Dress it up

To keep it a little dressy you can style a slip dress with a white shirt inside and accessorise it with a fanny pack and a scrunchy and pair it with some good ol’ white sneakers.

Pic credit IG- @arpitaguptaa

3) Keep it simple

Now you can keep it simple by just pairing a bright coloured Kurti with a white jeans and some Indian footwear! It will keep you comfy throughout the hectic college day.

Pic credit IG- @tanyaaxx_

4) Extraaaaaaaaa AF!

Now you can take your fashion game to the next level by styling a statement sleeve top with a pair of jeans and again OUR STAPLE white sneakers (because why not)

Pic credit IG- @arpitaguptaa

I hope you all liked the 4 outfit ideas that I laid out for you!
If you like the styling tips you could follow me, Tanya on Instagram for more fashion, lifestyle and beauty related content.

IG- @tanyaaxx_


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