~ My mother told me that lipstick should be reserved for special occasions. Now I wear it every day. I am my own special occasion ~

Alright my loves.

I want to help you take the work out of dressing for work. Or take the work out of dressing on an everyday basis. So I’ll give you 6 strategies that you can incorporate every day to look stylish. Read till the end, because you will get a very neat trick to smell amazing when you are with your special someone.

When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you look good. Do both.

Look Presentable

Do your hair. Do your nails. How many of us are guilty of not doing our hair because we were just stepping out to get groceries? Or just because we were going to take a morning flight from the airport? We should always aim to look presentable when you step outside your house. It can be as simple as controlling frizzy hair and applying some tinted lip balm. Hair makes so much difference in the overall styling. Imagine the horror of going to the airport and seeing a cute guy, and not striking a conversation because you didn’t do your hair! And for nails, you don’t have to get a manicure every week. Just have clean nails. The jewelry you wear on your hands would look better.

Find your skin tone

Quick exercise. Look at the veins in your wrist. Do they look green, or blue or both? If they look green, then you have warm skintone. If they look blue, you have cool skintone. And if they are greenish blue, you have neutral skintone. Warm skin tone means that warm colors (with a tint of orange) would suit you. For cooler skin tones, you need cool colors (with a hint of blue). Neutrals, you can wear whatever. This specifically applies to lipsticks. Next time when you go lipstick shopping, ask the sale associate to show you colors which would suit your skintone.


If you have pigmented lips like me, and if you cover them up using lipstick, your face would look brighter already. Try it today. You will not regret it. I will actually go on to say that lipstick is the new Kajal. And while you are at it, a neat trick – if you cover your entire lips using lip liner before applying lipstick, your lipstick would stay on for much longer. Yes, it will withstand drinking and eating as well! Elegant lady tip to level up your etiquette game – elegant ladies always use washrooms to tidy up. Yes, if you are at the restaurant with your partner, and would like to touch up your lips, you use the washroom. Always.

80% on basics 20% on trends

Classic is timeless, it is trendy that goes out of fashion. Spend 80% of your total budget for clothes on basic items. Get good quality basic items. So even on the days when you have nothing to wear, you can mix two basic pieces, and Voila! You stylish human. And get a tailor. Really. You are more likely to wear clothes that fit you well. And you will feel prettier in it. Just, get a tailor. And thank me later.


Wear some jewelry – It would help you feel more feminine. Get the right shoes – Shoes can make or break an outfit. Personally, I love almond toed shoes. I also love wearing some heels. I generally don’t wear sneakers unless going out for some activity like hiking.

Smell Nice

Body odor is caused due to the bacteria that fosters in our sweat. Use an antibacterial soap while taking bath or add some Dettol to your water. The reason for bad breath? It’s dehydration. So drink water. Always apply deodorant when you are stepping outside of your house. Do not repeat clothes without washing them even if they do not look dirty. And now the pro-tip when you want to smell amazing for a date with your partner. Mix Johnsons baby moisturizer with your favorite scent and apply to your legs and your arms. You will smell mysteriously sexy.

So those were my six strategies on how can you look effortlessly stylish everyday. Give this post a lot of love if you’d like to see me appear more often here and guide you through your lifestyle journey!

Until next time, Sayonara.

Write up by : Guest Blogger Shivee @shiveechauhan , a lifestyle blogger and influencer.


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