1. Not doing exercise and breakfast in the morning

If you have a very busy schedule and you escape your exercise and even your morning breakfast then you have to break this schedule. Take a fresh start and change your morning schedule little bit, do breakfast and at least 15 minutes exercise. This will enhance your productivity and help you to be energetic during your entire working day.


2. Listening to your Brain

If you are listening to your brain then you have to change a bit, always listening to your mind can be over thinking and stressful, because when you listen to your mind, the issue could be serious and you start taking stress because most of the time you are not happy in this case, while listening to your heart and doing what is right is always a positive sign to a better life. So try to listen to your heart and do what you want and what is right for you.


3. Always thinking for making money

If you are a kind of people who always want to make money somehow, then you have to change your mind this time for your live and loved ones, when you over think “how to make more money” then everyone can have a bad impact of it. During this mentality you forget to give and take love, you forget to care for your relations, so this time for a change. Do think to make money but also give priorities to your relationships.


4. Always being practical

If you think practically, it’s good but not every time, because practical thinking comes with negativity.  At some points of life you have to take risks so take risks and think positively so always be positive and start a fresh life with hope and positive thinking.


5. Limited to just one place or city

This is also not good for you, mentally or physically, if you just limited to one city or just one place… take a fresh start and explore next city.. next to next city.. a state.. or a country. It gives you fresh ideas, views on various things, or nothing but a positive mindset and freshness you lost somewhere in your past days.


6. “What people will say?”

Are you that kind of person, who think of this, still? If you are, you really need to change yourself because now a days nobody cares what you are doing and where are you going, they have their own busy life and you have yours, so let it be, don’t care about any one but your loved ones.


7. Find which rule you follow and break it !

Yes just find from above 6 things, which rule you follow because of whatever reasons. Just find and break this rule for doing what you like, do not tucked with any rule then you would able to find your way of life to live. Just be perky!


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