Hey Guys! Here is our guest blogger Deepanwita (@deepanwitabera), fitness blogger, sharing some of her tips below.

Since I am an influencer, I keep myself busy all day long by creating my contents or finding some content ideas for next day. These days everyone is sitting at home and feeling bore. But we shouldn’t take it as curfew, we should take it as CARE FOR YOU. Because the situation of outside isn’t favour of us. We should stay home for our health, our family and our people.

Now the first tip to stay fit in this quarantine is —


Don’t eat too much in these days, try to eat how much you need. As I know some of people is continuing their work from home but for this, they haven’t go out. So they don’t need that much calories, what they took during normal days.


If you go to gym or not, it is not a matter now. Workout will help you to overcome your boredom at home and feel you fresh in these quarantine.


Just enjoy these days and make yourself a creative person and try to do something creative and share it with everyone through social media.

So as I’m a ambassador of DECATHLON sports Kolkata. So for sports outfit or equipments I prefer DECATHLON. Otherwise, I love to use NIKE, ADIDAS and REEBOK products. Naturally for party wear I love SHEIN. And for protien, I love MY PROTIEN and ISO PURE.

My name is DEEPANWITA BERA. My Instagram handle @deepanwitabera. YouTube channel “deepanwita fitness and healthy lifestyle”. I am 19 years old.

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