We all had very good habits in our childhood, even we want it back, so why we want our childhood back. There were only habits which made it best age, so now it’s the right time to get it back again and add some perk to your life.
PerkyTrenz chose some habits which made you happy and energetic in your childhood, let see what these habits are…


1. Early to bed and early to rise

When you were a child you might always woke up early except some days, from now also wake up early in the morning with a beautiful smile.


2. Eating habits

Your eating habit should be as that was in childhood, children eat many times in different time intervals, a day. You should eat at least 5 times a day, include some snacks and fruits in your diet.


3. Doing homework

Not school homework, but be prepare for everything in life. Whenever you are going somewhere for any meeting or even to your child’s parent teacher meeting, it’s important to do some homework before leave.


4. Keep smiling for no reason

Children don’t need any reason to smile, so keep smiling, it gives you confidence and your heart the relax it needs.


5. Do whatever you like, anywhere you want

A child can dance anywhere, this is the purity of their heart, so don’t wait, sing .. dance .. read .. say .. anywhere you want, because that’s the right time, which will not come back after.


6. Spend some time with Grand Parents

Your Grand Parents are stories, they are the motivation you need, they care, they teach, they are everything you need for lifetime, they had their lives and now they can teach you a lot, you just need to spend some time with them again.


7. Celebrate every moment of life

We are so busy with our work, work is worship but you really need to do it in the right way, so celebrate all happy and good things throughout your entire day.


8. Reading books

Today’s world is full of digital gadgets, keep them aside and read some books, story books can be a good start.


9. You can say “No”, without any hesitation

If you don’t like something to do, just say no to it, simply a ‘No’.


10. Playing outdoors

Outdoor games are not only for Olympics or sports academies, do play outside your house, it can increase your happiness and energy too.


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