This is the time for a new college session after high school.  As the school year begins to wind down, high school seniors and those who care about them, typically have their eyes on two prizes: getting into college and graduating from high school. While both milestones are worthy of celebration, there’s much more that students and parents should do after those two milestones are reached.

In recognition of how stressful the first year of college can be, here are a few things that we believe can help ease the transition.

Ask for help

Firstly, When new college students may be intent upon gaining independence, it’s actually a sign of maturity to know when to ask for help. Secondly, it’s important to encourage students to seek out the various resources that might be available on campus. That include a counseling center, financial aid office or wellness center. Students who need it should also seek out academic support and tutoring programs. Most importantly, there are also programs to support students with disabilities. Similarly, diversity and inclusion programs are there, for students who may not feel welcome on campus.


Parents and soon-to-be college students should discuss the time when the parent first left home and what were the challenges. Through discussions, parents and student can develop an understanding and bond over similarities and differences of their experiences, regardless of whether the parent attended college or not.

Discuss expectations

The way that parents communicate their expectations can affect college students’ self-esteem. The researchers suggest several prompts for things to discuss that range from personal safety to religious observance away from home. Similarly, other topics include how often parents and their children who are in college will communicate with each other. Second is, how the student should obtain health insurance and budget money. Having explicit conversations with adults will help prepare first-year students to more confidently face the challenges they encounter on their own, without parental support. As a result, it also reduce the chance of family conflicts that arise from differing expectations.

What professors expect

College level work comes with a new set of expectations that are starkly different from what students are accustomed to in high school. Anticipating higher standards can save students, the time and trouble of finding out these things the hard way after the fact. High school students can often count on reminders about when assignments are due, and teachers provide frequent feedback about how students are doing in class.

So those who are getting to a new session of college first time, take care of above things to prevent rush. Perkytrendz wishes you a good and exiting journey ahead, lots of perks and trendz ahead.


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