The wedding season is on, and the most important thing is to know your partner before marriage. There is no issue if you ask some questions to your future partner before marriage. Marriage is very prominent decision which you take for your whole life so it’s important to ask these top 5 questions, which we have surveyed for, to your would be life partner.

1. Is there any force for marriage?

During that before marriage conversation, you must ask if there are some loads of family or any other pressure to marry. This is an important question as it can affect your life after marriage. For some people their carrier is important for some, other things are…. So this question can set you straight toward your happy life.

2. What are your hobbies and habits?

Not everyone has the same habits, obviously. Not everyone likes each other’s habits. So it’s also important to know from both sides. May be some of your habits are not liked by the person you are going to marry. If you are aware about this question then might be you won’t regret later.

3. Any problem with professional work?

In India, this question is mostly important for a girl to ask her future husband and his family too. Because some families in India still don’t allow their daughter in laws to work outside the house. So girls, if you are working or want to work after marriage, then must ask this question to your future in-laws before marriage.

4. Expectations?

Well, that’s a very small word having all the disasters. That’s also an important factor to know before marriage. Either a girl or boy, you should ask the expectations of your in-laws have with their future daughter-in-law or son-in-law. What girl’s family wants from their son-in-law and what boy’s family wants from their daughter-in-law after marriage? This question set your minds to the one direction and you would be aware of all the expectations, your in-laws have about you.

5. What about family planning?

Ok, so last but not the least…. Family planning is the most important thing you should ask about. Not all the people want a baby just after marriage so if you have thoughts about what other person wants then go and ask for it. You should talk about this openly and get your all thoughts out.

That’s not it, marriage is lifetime decision so don’t take it for granted. Ask all the question you have and listen each other, because this is the time you can talk about what you want and how you want your life after marriage. Just be clear and shout your heart out !


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