PerkyTrendz bring a Technology section for technology people. I am starting from “blog setup and requirements”. This is a step by step guide for those who want to start their own blog without any agency or freelancer help. I have covered every important point, every small requirement for a blog that should be covered. Not every blogger can tell you such small requirements for a blog. So here we start!

First requirement for a blog is “inspiration” to write a blog and name of your blog

I can suggest some blog site names but it’s important for you to know why you want to start a blog. You can start with your hobby or topic of your interest. Research about it, add your flavor into it and start writing on notepad or sticky notes.

Purchasing hosting and domain name

Once you decide the name and main stream of your blog. You can take a move further and spend some money on “hosting and domain name”. There are many sites which provide hosting and domain names. Few are GoDaddy, Hostgator, BlueHost etc. you can purchase a hosting from any of them. Domain names and hosting purchasing is pretty much easier and in budget. Click here to know how to purchase Domain name and hosting.

Once you have done with domain name and hosting, you must have provided the “Cpanel details” from your hosting company. Use this Cpanel login details to setup files, install WordPress, create official emails and then manage databases etc.

Installing the WordPress

From the Cpanel you can “install the WordPress”. I am using WordPress and this is best platform for bloggers and small business sites including E-Commerce sites. Installing WordPress is easy and efficient, after installing successfully you would have logins for your site dashboard or WordPress dashboard, where you can edit, customize or change your site appearance and post blogs.

Now you are ready to “write blogs”. Writing and publishing blogs are easier tasks. You can click here to know how to publish a blog in WordPress.

That’s how you can start your own blog. Later on you can link your social media handles with your blog site. You can customize this blog with WordPress dashboard. Also you can add some useful plugins for efficiency and interaction.

WordPress has many other functions and plugins for every type of website being it an E-Commerce website, small business site, blogs, Art website or anything, therefore most reliable platform for all your website needs.

PerkyTrendz would have all useful blogs about WordPress and Plugins soon. Though there are many websites cover the information about WordPress but still missed some small needy information, hence I’ll cover those information here at PerkyTrendz.

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