1. Being late at work

It is ok if you got late sometimes in a month or week but if it’s a habit to always being late then this is not ok and not good for your job. Being late at work can be a job loosing reason.


2. Gossiping

You should not gossip about boss or any other colleagues, this may harm your personality at the workplace and people would not like you for this so stop gossiping if you don’t wanna lose your job.


3. Being quiet

Too much talking and being quiet, both have their disadvantages so don’t be too talkative or quiet in the office.


4. This is not my problem

May you have been hired for a particular role and more than this you asked for doing something else for the company then saying “this is not my job” is not the right gesture at work this may harm your job.


5. Not hearing anyone properly

Always being in your things and hearing other people whatever they are saying can make you an annoying person in front of your colleagues. It can cause a unhealthy environment in the office and no company wants this, really.


6. Wear a dirty or wrong dress at workplace

Wearing a same dress which you wore last night in party or somewhere, is not a right gesture at workplace. If you wear a dress which is too tight and uncomfortable for you, it can also make other people uncomfortable so don’t wear such dresses at workplace always wear something trendy but comfortable and according to company standards.


7. Always keep complaining

If you are a person who always complains about things in office, like other employees, environment, resources, furniture or anything can make you negative impact on the management, you can’t correct all the things but try to be happy and accept things as they are otherwise this negative impact can harm your job.


8. Keep taking the credits of others

If someone works hard then credit should goes to that person only, but taking their credits is not the right thing anyone do at workplace.


9. Being on social sites

Your company won’t hire you for being on social media and not being productive, so don’t waste your time on social media otherwise company could find a productive or dedicated person in your place.


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