Welcome to my blog. I am an Indian Artist, work with watercolors, inks, acrylic colors, brush pens etc. My favorite subjects to paint are florals, landscapes, surface patterns, and lettering. I am all about artistic things and designs. Let’s collaborate for Instagram product promotions, reviews, Customized logos, design projects, textile projects and web/graphic designing. And possibilities are endless with art!

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Main account: @priyankapaints

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Graphic Designing

Graphics helps represnt the purpose of your business. From Logos to Flyers, here is the solution for your entire brand creatives.

handmade Logos & Patterns

I design handmade custom logos with personal touch, that completely take care of the brand appearance. Also i work on patterns and then convert them into digital one.

E-mail & Social Media Marketing

E- mail Social MediaMarketing would help your business grow through customized emails and social media channels.

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